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Pyromusical Fireworks

"The art of combining music and fireworks creating a choreographed symphony."

Winners of the Highest Accolade in the UK - British Musical Fireworks Champions of Champions - 2009 - 2017

With over 20 years experience in the industry, we have seen the concept of simple fireworks with music progressing though to the present day where the fireworks dance in perfect harmonisation with the music - Pyromusical. Technology has been a big driver in the change and end result to clients. Sirotechnics Fireworks have invested heavily in the very best equipment available. We use the same technology used in nearly every major city of the world, including Dubai, New Years Eve London and Disney. Since conception in 2013, Sirotechnics Fireworks have been at the forefront of Pyromuscial design and delivery abroad and in the UK for some of the most recognised and even televised events.


We combine this technology with the very finest of sound systems too. We supply you (included in the cost) with a Turbosound PA system which represents the very best British technology in speakers. The audio feed is no different using the very best audio playback in .wav format which is far superior to most other offerings of .mp3's. A Pyromusical with poor sound would defeat the object of the display.

Our family company strongly believes in quality. We source our very own products from China and Spain, meaning we have full control over the quality of the fireworks we use. This combination leads us to believe that we are offering you the very best product we possibly can. Please meet the team who will create your bespoke musical firework display. We always think it's nice to put a face to a name, and we aren't too shy to let you know who we are!

Simon Harding M.D.
  • Display Design and Conception

    Simon started the company after many years of experience working in the industry and a fascination that never left him.

    "My dad tells me, the first Standard Fireworks selection box he brought home made me cry. Granted i was only 18 months old and a toddler at the time.

    I think this early start shaped me for life though. From then on I have had a childlike fascination with anything that creates fire and light. Fireworks used to be a hobby and have now turned into the work of my life and full time career. I simply got too busy to maintain a full time engineering management job and run the firework display business.

    Musical Firework displays are my favourite to design. They open the doors to all sorts of creativity and that is my idea of a perfect day in the office or field! Lifting the trophy for the UK Musical Fireworks Champion of Champions event is my most proud moment to date."

Natalie Bree
  • Health & Safety + Venue Liaison

    Natalie Bree graduated with a First Class Honours in Nutrition!

    So why fireworks?

    " It's simply a passion. When I first met Simon I had never seen a pyromuscial. It was one of his first shows where new technology was being tested with an audio headset and electron ignitions. I was impressed! Now to see how far we have come as a team is truly amazing. The synchronisation has got to a level now where fireworks can be designed to hit every beat of the music. It is truly incredible.

    As well as the fireworks, I'm a bit of a bookworm, so the Health and Safety role fits in just great. I also like to meet new clients and of course, have a day out the office and carry out the site visit!"

Mark Adey
  • Logistics & Display Management

    Mark runs the logistics for the displays. He is a fully trained and qualified display manager as well as licensed to drive large quantities of explosives on the road.

    "Working on large scale pyromusical firework displays is the best job I could hope for and I’ve enjoyed delighting clients for more than twenty five years. I have gained experience both in the UK and abroad with many different companies winning competitions and delivering international events. My most challenging locations abroad have been Kuwait and Lebanon, working in 40 degree heat!

    I strongly believe in sharing best practice and this has allowed me to learn as well as teach others around the globe. Everyday is a school day!

    From organising transport to preparing the displays, you will find me on site managing the team and preparing the electronics which is another area of interest to me."

Pyromusical Displays Created by Simon


RAMS documents created by Natalie


Firework Displays Managed Internationally